Luke Foster

North Yorkshire


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Luke Foster is a photographer based in Cumbria and North Yorkshire, currently studying at the University of Cumbria. Although he has a GCSE and A level in Photography, Foster is a mainly self-taught photographer, working in a range of media from 35mm, to medium format, to digital. Having grown up in the historic market town of Knaresborough, Foster has developed a taste for Landscape, Urban and Architectural photography.

His interest in photography began with a habit of shooting abandoned buildings, and he quickly developed a penchant for the unusual, the minimalistic and the mundane. Foster gains most of his inspiration by travelling to and exploring new places, capturing the entire trip through his lens, from his own perspective, eventually building a documentary-like collection of images.

Foster’s knack for symmetry and perspective enables him to capture beautiful images that really are a sight for sore eyes. His landscapes are like deep gulps of that fresh Northern English air, and his Architectural snaps are a reminder that the ordinary can be extraordinary; you just need the right perspective.

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