The Making of 'Illusions'

The behind the scenes of 'Illusions', Nica Harrison's animated short.

9th March 2017

click above for video

In the run up to the official public release of 'Illusions', a grad film animation by Nica Harrison, have a look at how the project was created.

'Illusions' will première on Friday 10th March, alongside a shop on Nica's own website, where you will be able to buy prints of each frame used to create the animation.



Jess Bentley

Hey, I’m Jess Bentley and I’m proud to call myself founder of DOCK. As an art student myself, I understand how much of a struggle it can be to get your work seen by the wider world, and that many opportunities can seem too limiting, too selective or just not quite the right fit for you. Whilst trawling through the internet looking high and low for any and all opportunities, I often caught mys…

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